Located in Cave Creek & Williams

Dog Boarding

Our boarding service is unique in that we create a fun open environment in which all dogs are free to roam around our fenced in ranch and interact with each other as well as an array of exotic and farm animals.

There is a lot of stimulation and never a dull moment on the ranch.    We cater to such breeds as working dogs, bird dogs and guard dogs etc. in that we tap into their innate abilities and let them enjoy a variety of activities as well as provide socialization skills.

We have ducks, chickens, peacocks, emus as well as parakeets and lovebirds that many a bird dog enjoys watching.  We have horse, goats, llamas and donkeys to herd.  We have 200lb tortoises to take a nap with or coy fish pond to hang out at.

We have a large in ground pool for those that like to swim and retrieve.

We are a family run business and someone is here 24/7.   Your dog will be treated as a member of our family and never feel cooped up or all alone.   Your dog will be wiped out and in great shape when you take him home.

Your dog will feel like he was on vacation and will want to come back.