Located in Cave Creek & Williams

Doggie Daycare

We offer training during your dog’s stay with us

Your dog will be treated like part of our family and will get to experience many wonderful things here at the Llama Palooza Ranch!

24 hour supervision

Owner is Dog CPR certified

Dog daycare and socialization

Bath and brush is available

Pick up and delivery of your pet is available

We only use positive reinforcement while training




Call Llama Palooza Ranch today at 602-214-8224 for more info!

Recent Visitor's Testimonial

Our dog Oscar is much more to us than a dog. He is our much trusted companion, our very special boy, and the wonderful, funny, furry friend that puts smiles on our faces every day. We were so lucky to become his doggie parents about 6 years ago when we picked him out of the litter. Due to our busy travel schedules we had to find somewhere he could be cared for, with the same kind of love he gets at home, when we couldn’t be there. We tried a few places and had people come to our home but none of those arrangements felt right. We kept looking for just the right place and then we found Llamapalooza Ranch four years ago. What a gift from the very first visit! There is a feeling of love, acceptance and safety all around the ranch and Oscar felt it, too. Pamela takes special care to meet the new dogs and doggie parents to be sure it is a good fit for everyone. The ranch is designed so the dogs can run freely and never be in crates. There is a place to get out the hot sun and the rain or just hang out when they need a break. Pamela gets to know each dogs needs and cares for them like they were her own loved dogs. Oscar goes to Llamapalooza Ranch for day care a couple days a week to socialize and have fun running and playing with other dogs and stays for long periods while we are out of the country. We never worry about Oscar and know he is loved, well cared for, and appreciated each day. In fact, we have decided that if something happens to us and Oscar needs a home, we have made arrangements for Pamela to be his special mom if we can’t care for him. There is no one that would love him more or that he would be happier to stay with. We know that is true because when we turn the corner to get to the ranch, Oscar is screaming with excitement and happiness the rest of the way to Llamapalooza Ranch and Pamela. We are very grateful and thankful for Llamapalooza Ranch.

Andrea Winters and Gary Kelsey